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As a technician who has been factory trained on Aquabot commercial and residential cleaners as well as others, I have had quite a bit of exposure to the things that can make an Aquabot work well or not and how they compare to others. Although the product is obviously not flawless, I have seen countless cases where the incorrect cleaner was selected for the pool, the new owner wasn’t educated on proper operation or maintenance was not performed properly.  After poking around the web a bit, I found scattered information, false information, fake reviews, bad advice and some actual helpful information. The problem was that there was no single centralized place where people could get accurate info. I am going to attempt to do so if time allows. I have already spoken to one of the largest dealers in the US and they have offered to provide images as well as some technical info. Since they happen to be within about 30 miles of me, they even offered the use of used product loaners for repair demos and such (I wouldn’t expect them to hand me a NEW thousand dollar plus robot to play with). Their thought is that this kind of site could slow the flow of support calls on their end. I’m all for a one hand washes the other arrangement like that. I hope that you find it helpful!

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